Inner Space Book One - Merlin Fraser

A Crime Mystery With A Difference

I wasn’t quite certain what I was going to find in Inner Space Book One, by the title, although after reading the description I was prepared for a crime mystery, with a difference. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how intriguing and thought provoking that difference would be, in this captivating story.

Inner Space would easily appeal to several genres. There is the crime mystery itself skilfully written and tailored with totally believable, true-to-life characters. There is the expertly crafted romantic element intertwined perfectly with the storyline. And there is the paranormal aspect, which also makes this book at the top of the list for must-read reading, especially if you like to explore possibilities which may take you out of your comfort zone.

It’s impossible to equate Inner Space to any other crime mystery style I have ever read. It is so deliciously, refreshingly, different, although authors Agatha Christie and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch) came fleetingly to mind, from my reading experiences. I found it extremely difficult to put this book down, and it was made all that much more difficult because there were no unnecessary blocks of description, which served to sway me from continuing.

Inner Space Book One comes highly recommended, and I can’t wait to read the remaining two books in the trilogy.

~ Jan



  1. Hi Jan, Thank you for this and may I say what a great way for writers like us to repay other writers who were so wonderfully supportive as we struggled with that all important first book in print.

  2. My pleasure Merlin - absolutely! :-)