Inner Space Book Two: The Reluctant Nemesis – Merlin Fraser

Another Crime Mystery With A Difference

I have often found that book sequels never quite measure up to the first of a series, although I knew this author would never fail to entertain after reading Inner Space Book One. However, I was thrilled to find that Inner Space Book Two, was not only as superbly crafted as Inner Space Book One, but also kept me riveted yet again, right up to the very end.

Inner Space Book Two: The Reluctant Nemesis, is not only a very skilfully written and complete crime mystery in itself, but as the second in a trilogy, it re-introduces the reader to some of those unforgettable characters from Inner Space Book One, along with another fascinating look into the mysterious, paranormal world.

I am now convinced, however well penned and entertaining Inner Space Book One, it was in fact only a taste of what was to come in the remaining books of this trilogy. The only thing that remains now is to see if the author can once again keep me glued with Inner Space Book Three: The All Seeing Eye. After reading the first two books of the series, I am confident – I will not be disappointed?

~ Jan



  1. Thanks again Jan, I will let you into a little secret, this was the hardest book in the series to write. You see I had already drafted Book Three, "The all Seeing Eye" to a conclusion when I received a suggestion from a close friend who helps keep me on track as I write.

    He told me that in his opinion there was room for another story in the middle, that would allow me to add detail to the main characters.

    It was a tough ask, to come up with a story that blended in to my over all theme without revealing what was to come.

    This is why I was please to hear that you were not disappointed.

  2. Well, I'm very glad you took his good advice, and you're very welcome. :-)