Foreign Deceit - Jeff Carson

I read the entire David Wold series

Foreign Deceit, is the 1st book of the David Wolf series (8 in all). I confess I read the 4th of the series, first, but I then bought them all and read them in order. That should indicate how much I enjoyed Jeff Carson’s writing.

The protagonist, David Wolf, is a Deputy Sheriff from the small ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado. As the author writes at Amazon – ‘Wolf has a good heart, and a pair of fists to match.’ He begins investigating the death of a youth from the town, but suddenly finds he has to fly to Italy to investigate the apparent suicide of his brother. This all happens a few days before he is to find out if he has been elected as the new Sheriff of Rocky Points.

If you enjoy reading mystery, suspense, action and adventure, I can’t imagine you would not enjoy the David Wold series, and with a 4.3 out of 5.0 star average rating, and 599 reviews (counting mine), at Amazon, apparently many other readers have enjoyed this series also.

Foreign Deceit (Amazon)

~ Jan

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