Hello, and welcome to my new blog - Book Review Karma.

How often have you read a book and enjoyed it so much that it has stayed in your memory for quite some time afterwards? As an avid reader, that has often happened to me. However, without further thought, I have then reached for another book. Well, I received what I had hoped from buying the previous book, hadn’t I?

As a self-published author, it wasn’t until I received my very first book review, that I realised I had erred in thinking that way. At that time, I also came to understand the power of a review.

We all like to read the books of our favourite authors. It makes sense that we will most likely enjoy their future works. Why spend money on a book from an unknown author? However, when a reader begins to broaden their search, they will usually look to see what other readers are reading, or after a quick perusal of the cover and description of a book, check out the reviews.

As an avid reader, I have read hundreds of books over the last few years (in particular), not only from my favourite well-known authors, but also from other self-published authors. During those few years, I have written only four reviews of my favourite (well-known) books, and around ten for my self-published author friends. It has bothered me that I have not taken the time to write more reviews, especially when I have read so many wonderful books by self-published authors.

Thus, the reason for this blog. I make no claim to being a professional book reviewer. I am just sharing my thoughts and feelings about books I have read, and hope my words help other authors and readers. As mentioned above, I currently have several hundred books to read (or reread) & review, which I will submit at Amazon, Goodreads (if applicable), post here, and share on my social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn), on a rotating basis.

I would like to accept book review requests in a few months. However, I am unable to guarantee that will eventuate. Life is full of surprises, and I prefer not to make promises I will be unable to fulfill, especially as my first priority is writing. Feel free to contact me via any social sites, or subscribe to this blog to keep updated.

Lastly, if you would like to know more about me, or my books, I have listed links to my other blogs, Amazon / Kindle book selling sites, and social sites, under my profile photo on this blog. However, I will not be posting (cherished) reviews I have received from readers of my books. The principle reason for this blog is to give-back and pay-it-forward, to you – the author &/or reader.

All the very best,
~ Jan

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